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Free Lectures– Part 2


Question 12:

On 5 May 2014, we received a heart-breaking email. Here is part of the content:

“I received news that my friend and his family were buried in the recent landslide in Afghanistan, many others have been frantically removing the debris and earth to search for survivors. But till this date, we still receive no news of him. There were similar landslides in the past, is it true that the same location is not suitable for habitation?”

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Question 13:

We received a heart breaking email on 3 August 2014 late evening, this is the extract:

‘I’m writing this email to you with a heavy heart as some of my relatives and friends have been much affected by the recent Yunnan Earthquake started on 3 August 2014. Hundreds have lost their lives and thousands have displaced.

I’m not too sure if Yunnan is classified within the earthquake zone and I wonder if there is any ways to reduce the casualties and damage if the same thing is going to happen again….’

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Question 14:

Do I really need Alternative Dispute Resolution?

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